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My name is Tanner Shapiro. I've lived in Southern California my whole life, but just recently moved to the Pacific Northwest. I'm a photographer and cinematographer based in the Portland area but don't mind driving somewhere farther! I enjoy creating music, film, and taking photos- digital or analog. Over the years, I've found that I thrive when I'm in a space of creativity. My goal is to provide the best work possible and create a strong working relationship with my clients.


I strive to provide unbeatable service for my clients and have a true passion for art. I do weddings, events, private lessons, and more. You name it, I'm there.

I've had a background in photography/videography for over five years and have received my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Screenwriting from Loyola Marymount University.

Please take a look at my galleries to the left (or right if you're on mobile) to see just a small portion of the work I've provided over the years, along with my personal hobby photography.

Work with Me

I'd love to shoot your wedding, or your birthday party, or your high-school reunion (or honestly, anything you throw at me).

I'd also love to listen to your ideas and help expand them in many ways. Check out my Private Lessons page for more information.

Get in touch with me using my contact form to discuss rates, scheduling and more.

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