Wedding Rates


  • First Shooter - The First Shooter captures your entire day from morning till night. This includes Pre-Ceremony shots, Ceremony Shots, Group Shots, and the Reception.
  • Second Shooter - In many ways, the Second Shooter is equally as important as the first. Based on the rates to the right, the Second Shooter will provide another eye for your perfect day.
  • Film Photos! Want some vintage-style photos from your wedding? For an extra $50 plus cost of the film and development, I'll shoot a 36-roll of 35mm film for your wedding in addition to the digital photos. Just ask on the contact page!


  • First Shooter (All Day Only): $500
  • Second Shooter for All Day: $400
  • Second Shooter for Ceremony only: $200
  • Second Shooter for Ceremony and Reception: $300

Questions on rates? Please visit the contact me page!

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